Web Page Design offers free consultation to all its prospective clients. A five page site with lighted buttons, map, dynamic html (animated logos) and e-mail for $129.00. A one page site for $89.00 (small business only please) Ends 8-6-06
We begin by exploring your needs and what you expect from a web presence. At this stage, we consider the unique characteristics of your business and suggest how the Internet can best compliment it. .

Our design team creates quick loading graphics, so users will experience a fast page displaying your theme. As a result, your Web Site will provide the type of interaction between customers and prospects that will make it an asset for your business.
Once the text and creative elements are produced, they are carefully pieced together to produce a flowing description of your business. Visitors can easily navigate through your company's Web Site, find directions, phone, fax and other information they need.

All personal E-mail addresses are established. Additionally, any required forms are integrated into your web site. Web Page Design considers every client special, and treats the relationship as an ongoing one. As the needs and demands of your business change, we can reflect those changes in your web site. New developments or business promotions can quickly be added or removed as needed.

Also, we will provide any maintenance services your Web Site may require. Then oscial media is added which integreats face book, u tube, twitter ,linked in and whatever the platform of the day. Give us a call at

(434) 528-0760 email

Super cool flash navigators and movies done in Flash and published as html5. Be on the cutting edge of the internet today with one of our flash packages.